Side Effects of Medication & What To Do About Them

Migraine Medication Side Effects

All medications have side effects, but it can be tough to know when to power through or what to do about the effects. Here are some tips.   Side Effects of Medication & What To Do About Them Get the information Before starting a new migraine treatment, talk to your doctor or, better yet, your […]

Migraines at Work

How To Get Rid Of A Migraine At Work

Migraine Insight provides useful, real-world insights based on what’s tracked. Getting started right is all about setting up tracking correctly. Migraines at Work Find the quiet room at work Even if it’s just for five minutes, find a place at work where you can take a few moments to compose yourself, take any medication you […]

Migraines & Opioid Addiction

Migraines and Opioid Addiction

Opioid narcotics can be a treatment solution for migraines, but are highly addictive and under regulated. If you’re addicted to opiods already or are worried about potential addiction, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind.   Migraines & Opioid Addiction Why are opioids recommended for migraine pain? Opioids are prescribed […]

Migraine And Risk For Stroke — Should I Worry?

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While there is little evidence to support that a stroke is more likely to occur during a migraine, it can be concerning when the symptoms can feel so similar. How do you tell the difference, and should you worry about having stroke? Short answer: yes, but really no more than a person who doesn’t have […]

Is It A Headache or Migraine? And What Kinds of Migraines Are There?

Understanding which type of migraines or headaches you have can be tricky, even after diagnosis.   Is It A Headache or Migraine? And What Kinds of Migraines Are There? Here’s a handy guide to the basic classifications of migraines and headaches to help you understand their differences. Keep in mind that migraines vary wildly in […]

How to Manage Stress

Stress is unavoidable and is, unfortunately, a trigger for the frequency and severity of migraines. Tight muscles, anxiety, lack of sleep, uneven meal schedules — all of these can be effects of stress and migraine triggers. So how do you manage stress when life must go on?   How to Manage Stress Write, write, write […]

How Skipping Meals Affects Migraines — and What To Do About It

Consistent meals and meal times throughout the day are one of the most important routines you can establish for migraine pain.    How Skipping Meals Affects Migraines — and What To Do About It But wait. Is this really true? It’s true. Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar levels, occurs in healthy people when their bodies […]

How In The World Do You Get A Migraine Diagnosis?

Migraine Diagnosis

MTo diagnose your migraines, your doctor needs to know what’s happening and rule out other causes for the attacks. There is no actual test to diagnose for migraines. There is no blood test or scan can confirm the diagnosis. Doctors base their diagnosis on the information you provide. How In The World Do You Get […]

How Can I Use My Water Intake to Decrease Migraines?

Hand holding a water bottle under a water spout in a tree trunk

Staying hydrated has been touted as the miracle cure for many illnesses, with migraines being at the top of the list. There’s conflicting information exactly how much water a migraine sufferer should drink to decrease attacks and pain. How do you know what’s right for you?   How Can I Use My Water Intake to […]

Getting Support In The Real World

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We’re hoping you’re in-the-know about online support and tools like the great trigger tracking app. But support in real life can just be as important when you’re suffering from migraine pain. Chronic pain can be isolating, and we often miss out on socializing because we don’t feel those without pain can understand what we’re going […]