Why Go Premium?

Our free plan helps you track and report for free.

Premium adds a few bonus features so you can find triggers faster and better manage your medications.

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What's in free vs. premium?

We are incredibly proud of the free, unlimited version of our app. 
For free, anyone can track as much as they want and make as many reports as they want – free forever. Many users find everything they need to work successfully with their care team and provide the right information in appointments on the free level. 

Premium adds features to help you find triggers faster, and some bonus medication features (tracking meds is always free! premium adds alerts and a nice ‘daily meds’ tracker…). Premium is $7.99/month (paid annually) or $9.99/month (paid monthly).

Premium: Additional features help you even more.

Why go Premium?

Reason #1: Better Trigger Finding

trigger finder

Our pattern finder looks at 16 different patterns and ranks your most likely triggers on the ‘Results’ section of the app.

calendar compare

Calendar Compare

Want to see a calendar with your suspected triggers, factors, or medications AND your episodes so you can dig through your data more easily?

Check out the ‘Explore’ section in premium and get more than just one type of tracked factor or symptom at a time.

(Note: On the free version, you can see all types of episodes at the same time. Or you can see individual factors. It’s premium where you can see them together.)

Reason #2: Daily Medication Tracking Card; Medication Alerts

daily med tracker

Reason #3: Paying for Premium Supports Development


We started this company because we want everyone with migraines and headache disorders to have a better way to track. We’ve developed a better tool to help people on their journey to get better. Most of it is free; our premium features are a ‘bonus’ layer on top. And, they’ve been key to finding triggers and better managing medications for a lot of users.

Fact is, paying for premium helps us keep the lights on. And, supports development of a better app for everyone. Your premium purchase makes our efforts possible as we work to bring everyone new features and improved logging. We’re always improving the main app features. Learn more about us on the Our Team page. 

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Want more features?

If there are features you’d like to see, let us know at [email protected]. We love all feedback and questions.