Trusted resources, events, and additional readings for people living with headache disorders.

Educational Resources

Resources for Migraine Management – 
This virtual 6-session program is guided by Dan Kaufmann, PhD, and provides complementary tools for those with migraine disease.


What is a Migraine? Chronic Migraine, Cluster Headaches and more – This is a top resource for the newly diagnosed. If you’re figuring out the difference between headache types and migraines or want to know how these conditions affects men, women and children differently – this is the resource for you.



Resources For Students, Parents and Educators on How to Support Children With Migraines – This is educational information with a lot to offer.


Living With Migraine Educational Video Series – The National Headache Foundation has produced a series of informative videos for people living with migraine and headache disorders. The videos address lifestyle changes, diet, avoiding triggers, talking with your doctor, and the many treatment options available.

Caring For Someone With Migraine: – The National Brain Charity support people with over 600 different neurological conditions, including headache disorders and have some great resources on caring for loved ones with a neurological condition. 


Events From Our Partners

Midday Movement – Virtual Class – Give yourself the gifts of time, discovery, stillness and space. This class will create relaxation in your body and mind.


Monthly Afternoon With Other Migraineurs – Take an hour to join an informal chat with other migraineurs and people who may understand what you are going through. 

Trusted Medical Resources

The Mayo Clinic
has a variety of helpful articles written on the latest research to help you understand your condition.



The American Migraine Foundation provides lots of guides and have an advocacy hub.



The Cleveland Clinic, similarly to The Mayo Clinic, have a plethora of new research available.