The Migraine Insight Team

We’re on a mission to help people with migraines and headache disorders get better. And, it’s working.

Lynn Photo

Lynn Smith, Founder

For 20+ years, Lynn has been designing and building award-winning software. Her career at the Mayo Clinic, Medtronic and many Fortune 500 companies helped her develop leadership skills and user experience expertise. She led the development of our app’s patent-pending algorithm that helps people find triggers based on personal data. 


Dr. Harrington Photo

Dr. Jane Harrington

Dr. Harrington is a Ph.D. Immunologist with 15 years industry experience. Her background in research and teaching students about disease makes her a cutting edge leader in medical innovation. Her insight on how the body responds at an immunological level, what the clinical research shows, and her solution analysis skillset has led to breakthroughs that made our pattern-finding algorithm possible.


Ellie photo

Ellie Kay, Marketing

Ellie, is a passionate Digital Marketing Manager fueled by a mission to help innovative and impactful startups reach their full potential. She heads up our marketing and community building efforts, primarily through engaging, informative content surrounding the identification of triggers and controlling of headaches. Her work helps get the word out about our app – and, the new way to find triggers and get headaches under control.


Ivan Photo

Ivan Gorelik, Programmer

Ivan is a seasoned veteran of the software industry. His ability to take requirements and turn that into a launched, robust experience is next-level. He has developed several successful apps before Migraine Insight. His programming expertise includes thoughtfully getting the interactions just right so the app is as easy to use as possible.