Consistent meals and meal times throughout the day are one of the most important routines you can establish for migraine pain. 


How Skipping Meals Affects Migraines — and What To Do About It

But wait. Is this really true?

It’s true. Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar levels, occurs in healthy people when their bodies aren’t getting consistent energy. We get energy from food. When our meals are sporadic, our bodies can’t regulate our energy levels, and our blood sugar drops. A main symptom of low blood sugar? Headaches.

Is this why I sometimes wake up with migraines?

Yes, low blood sugar can be a factor in morning migraines. While your body knows how to power down during sleep and not expect as much food, your blood sugar can still drop low enough to cause morning migraines. This can sometimes be prevented by having a high-glycemic snack before bed, such as breakfast cereal or a baked potato. Just call it your bedtime potato.

My day is too busy to sit down for a meal. What can I do?

Again, consistency is the key. Keep easy snacks on hand, like fruit, nuts or seeds, and eat them at the same time each day. Don’t wait until you’re ravenous. Set an alarm on your phone for snack time.

Should I eat three meals a day, or six smaller meals?

Everyone’s meal frequency will be different depending on your triggers and body composition. You can experiment. Try a few weeks on six small meals a day, and track your symptoms in this app. See what happens if you have three solid meals a day, and a few snacks. With enough tracking and experimentation, you’ll land on the meal combination that works best for you — the important part is to be consistent, and don’t skip your usual mealtimes.

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