Migraine Medication Side Effects
All medications have side effects, but it can be tough to know when to power through or what to do about the effects. Here are some tips.

Side Effects of Medication & What To Do About Them

Get the information

Before starting a new migraine treatment, talk to your doctor or, better yet, your pharmacist about the medication and your concerns. If you’re armed with the information beforehand, you’ll have a better understanding of what your body is going through.

Track, track, track

Once you begin a new treatment plan, track your symptoms. Common side effect symptoms might be dizziness, fatigue, hot flashes, dry mouth or tingling (as an example). If you notice an increase in these type of symptoms or the symptoms associated with your medication, you might be experiencing side effects.

Side effects are typically temporary

Your body needs to adjust to a new medication. Side effects are usually short-lived, and nothing to worry about. If you feel like a side effect is unusual, lasting too long or unusually severe, get in touch with your doctor.

Careful with your Googling

There’s a fine line between being an informed patient and sending yourself into an anxiety spiral because you’ve read too much. The internet can be a supportive place for people with chronic pain, but it can also scare you into thinking your side effect is much worse than it actually is. Get your facts, but check them with your doctor.

Try a different medication

If your medication is helping more than hurting, find a different treatment plan. There are several classes of migraine medication you can try before settling on one, so don’t lose hope.

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