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Staying hydrated has been touted as the miracle cure for many illnesses, with migraines being at the top of the list. There’s conflicting information exactly how much water a migraine sufferer should drink to decrease attacks and pain. How do you know what’s right for you?

How Can I Use My Water Intake to Decrease Migraines?

  • Track your water intake in the migraine insight app. Tracking your water intake will allow you, over time, to see a connection between your hydration and migraine symptoms.
  • A study a few years ago had one group drink their usual amount of water and another group add six additional cups of water in addition to their usual intake. The second group, after 2 weeks, experienced 21 fewer hours of pain. Experiment adding extra water to your daily routine.
  • Another study showed that the risk of migraines jumped 8% for every 9-degree rise in temperature. Your body loses water in higher heat. Make sure you’re staying extra hydrated in warm situations.
  • You can get water from other sources beyond the faucet. Try ginger tea (ginger has been shown to decrease migraines) or unsweetened ginger ale, warm lemon water, or a fruit smoothie (focus on water-rich fruits, like watermelon and cucumber).
  • The bottom line is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer for how hydrated you should be to decrease your migraines. Everyone is different. But studies across the board show that increasing your hydrations levels will decrease your migraines. Start with one extra cup a day, track your symptoms and go from there.

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