How To Get Rid Of A Migraine At Work

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Migraines at Work

Find the quiet room at work

Even if it’s just for five minutes, find a place at work where you can take a few moments to compose yourself, take any medication you have or breathe deeply/meditate. This may end up being the bathroom stall but take the time. Even a few moments of quiet alone time may calm and decrease your pain.

Control what you can

Can you switch out those fluorescent light bulbs? Can you adjust your immediate environment so your body isn’t in a stress position? Can you listen to soothing music or meditation podcasts? Find any part of your environment you can control and adjust to make it easier on yourself.

Be selective about who you tell, but find a work buddy

Unfortunately, migraines have a stigma. Many people don’t understand that migraines aren’t just regular headaches. Having a work ally — a boss, even better — can be wonderfully supportive, but be careful about who you choose. However, 1 in 20 people experience migraines, so there’s a very good chance someone else at work knows what you’re going through! Once you find someone else who understands, use the buddy system: cover for each other when you can.

Keep your water and snacks close

Stay hydrated and keep your meals and snacks routine by keeping water and small meals in your bag or near your person. Make it as easy as possible for yourself to stay on top of your triggers.

Know your workplace sick policy and document, document, document

Inform yourself. Read up on your workplace’s sick and health disclosure policy. Know your rights. If you do choose to disclose your migraines, document each meeting and what was said to you. Ask for any policy considerations in writing from your boss or HR. This will allow you to carefully stay on top of your workplace rights.

Most of us have to work for money, and experiencing chronic pain at work can be an extra stressor. The bottom line is to stay organized, control what you can and get support from safe people.

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