MTo diagnose your migraines, your doctor needs to know what’s happening and rule out other causes for the attacks. There is no actual test to diagnose for migraines. There is no blood test or scan can confirm the diagnosis. Doctors base their diagnosis on the information you provide.


How In The World Do You Get A Migraine Diagnosis?

To make a diagnosis, you doctor may:

  • Perform a thorough examination, including a neurological assessment. Your doctor will ask for detailed information about your attacks and will likely ask you to keep a migraine diary. This might include details of triggers, treatments, and symptom emergence. (Good thing you have this app!)

Diagnoses can change

Anytime there is a change in the pattern of your pain, you should be checked out, especially if your migraine attacks get worse or develop unusual symptoms. If your headache patterns get worse while you are taking birth control, be sure to see your doctor right away.

You may have more than one diagnosis

Bringing non-migraine headaches under control may reduce the number of migraine attacks overall. Be sure to inform your doctor about other headaches beyond your primary diagnosis. Other headaches need to be identified so they can be treated appropriately. If you suspect that you are experiencing more than one type of headache disorder or are not sure, it’s important to address all your headache types.

Getting clear on your diagnosis

Whether you go to a primary doctor or a specialist, your caregivers can give you advice on stopping, managing and treating your symptoms. Whatever your care situation, take the time to give your doctor full and accurate information. This is important. If you’re concerned that your headaches or other symptoms are a sign of a very serious illness, your doctors can reassure you and rule out other conditions.

When other medical conditions co-exist alongside your migraine, it’s important to be clear when seeking treatment. Make sure your doctor knows all your diagnoses.

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