New migraine diagnosis? What to know about diet and migraines.

Migraine Diagnosis

Keep things steady. Make changes slowly. Pay attention. Everyone has different triggers. For many people, triggers include specific foods and drinks. Figuring out which foods trigger your episodes can help you avoid painful migraines.   So how do you go about pinpointing those triggers? Tracking what and when you eat can help you identify if your […]

The Best Migraine Meds for You

Migraine Meds

An overview of the most common acute and preventative meds for migraine. Migraine Meds – What are your options?Here’s some tips to to get you started off right. Most migraine specialists use a two-pronged approach to treating migraine headaches: ·  Preventative meds, taken daily (pills) or monthly/every three months (injections), which are designed to stop […]

What Do You Track In A Migraine App?

Migraine App

Migraine app capabilities help reduce or eliminate migraines Technology advancements in migraine apps have made it possible to effortlessly track and manage migraines. Additionally, migraine apps make it easy to collect migraine data to share with your doctor so your doctor  can prescribe the right medication to help reduce migraine symptoms. However, before downloading just […]

Migraine Journal That Helps Improve Migraine Management

Migraine Journal

What is a migraine journal? A migraine journal is a paper or electronic record used to track the onset of a migraine, the time of day the migraine occurs, how long the migraine lasts and the intensity of a migraine. Keeping a migraine journal helps your migraine doctor make a diagnosis to determine what is […]