What is a migraine journal?

A migraine journal is a paper or electronic record used to track the onset of a migraine, the time of day the migraine occurs, how long the migraine lasts and the intensity of a migraine.

Keeping a migraine journal helps your migraine doctor make a diagnosis to determine what is triggering your migraines and recommend lifestyle changes or medication to help reduce or eliminate migraines.

Migraine Journal

Creating a paper migraine journal

You can create a paper migraine journal using a pen and paper or popular desktop apps such as a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel.

Below are some things you should track in your migraine journal:

  • Day of the migraine/headache
  • Time of the migraine attack
  • Duration of the migraine attack
  • Pain level
  • Location of pain
  • Type of pain (throbbing, piercing, etc)
  • Did anything make it better?
  • Did anything make it worse?
  • When and what you ate or if you missed a meal
  • What medications you took and when
  • Amount of sleep you had
  • Amount of water you drank
  • Vitamins and supplements you took
  • What activity you were doing
  • Weather
  • Did any stressful events or situations occur prior?
  • For women, menstrual cycle information 

However, with the evolution of electronic health devices, paper tracking of your migraines can be less efficient than an electronic migraine journal.

Migraine Insight App

By integrating with other health apps, the Migraine Insight app can automatically track daily habits like sleep, exercise and heart rate.  Additionally, the Migraine Insight App can track your location to provide weather related information such as temperature and barometric pressure.

The only information you would need to enter into the Migraine Insight App are your migraine details such as when your migraine begins, how long it lasts and the severity of the migraine.

As you can see, the Migraine Insight app makes tracking your migraines much easier than on paper.  

Should you use the Migraine Insight app?

It is well documented that 85% of Migraine Insight app users reduce or eliminate their migraines in as little as 12 weeks.

As a bonus, we offer a free version of the Migraine Insight App so you can take it for a test drive to see how the app operates and the valuable information you can collect to start reducing migraines today!

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