Nutritional Supplements for Migraines

Supplements for Migraine Prevention

Nutritional supplements have varying degrees of success in treating migraines and keeping migraine levels consistent. Here are a few that have promising studies.   Nutritional Supplements for Migraines Riboflavin Riboflavin, or B12, is the most thoroughly studied supplement for migraines. (See our in-depth article on Riboflavin by clicking here.) Taking high-dose riboflavin has been shown […]

Does Riboflavin (B2) Work For Migraines?

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Riboflavin, or Vitamin B2, has been a popular migraine treatment over the past couple of years. But does it actually work? And if so, how should you take it?   Does Riboflavin (B2) Work For Migraines? A study in 2016 compared B2 to a placebo with 55 migraine patients and found migraine patients who took […]

A Review of Common Alternative Therapies

Prescriptions work for migraines but can come with uncomfortable side effects. What other treatments exist for those seeking answers outside the normal medical sphere?   A Review of Common Alternative Therapies Clinical massage therapy There’s massage, and then there’s clinical massage, which is performed by a practitioner familiar with chronic pain and migraines. Examples of clinical massage […]