We’ve talked about the importance of being prepared when you see your doctor about migraine pain. Here’s what to review before your appointment, along with what to bring with you.

Your Doctor Visit Checklist

  • This app. This app compiles your tracked triggers. It’s common for patients to pull out their smartphones at appointments these days, so your doctor won’t be alarmed. Show your doctor your tracked triggers.
  • A notebook and pen. Whether a trusted friend or family members comes with you, bring a notebook and pen to take notes. Have your notebook in hand when you go into the appointment room so you don’t forget.
  • Your script. Having a script outlining your symptoms, how they’re affecting your life and what you want to improve will help you if you get nervous at the appointment. Tuck this script in your notebook and glance at it when you describe your symptoms.
  • Your medication list, including supplements. Tell your doctor everything you’re currently taking.
  • Your list of treatments you’ve tried, and the results of those treatments. To get the most out of your appointment and to make sure there aren’t redundancies, have a list handy of what you’ve already tried to treat your migraine pain.
  • Look over appointment instructions several days prior to the appointment. Sometimes the doctor may want you to fast before the appointment, so be prepared. If you aren’t fasting, make sure you eat a meal and stay hydrated in case blood work is ordered.
  • A plan for what you’re doing after the appointment. Medical appointments can be draining. You might have to go back to work, or you may be home for the day. Regardless, schedule in some time to decompress from the appointment, either with deep breathing or light meditation.

The Cleveland Clinic has put online an example of their headache intake questionnaire, which you can review by clicking here. This will give you a thorough idea of what to expect at your appointment.

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As always — please seek the advice of a doctor for medical questions. Our app team cannot give medical advice.

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