Weekend Migraine
Increased weekend migraines are so common they even have a nickname — the Saturday Syndrome. Severe weekend migraines are common, and the most easily preventable.

Why Do I Get Migraines on the Weekend?

Why is this happening?

Psychologically, weekend migraines can be caused by the sudden release of tension. You’re home, you have a couple of days away from work and you aren’t hunched over at a computer or at a physically demanding job. This sudden change in stress levels can trigger a migraine.

How can I prevent weekend migraines when I can’t stick to my weekday routine?

  • Hydration. Keep an eye on your water levels. Increase hydration if you’re more active, or outside.
  • Stay consistent with your caffeine levels. Drink the same amount you would on a week day, or wean yourself off completely so you don’t have to keep track. Caffeine is a drug like any other and should be regulated.
  • Watch for light triggers. You may spend more time in the sunshine on the weekends. Bring your dark sunglasses.
  • Keep your sleep schedule steady. It’s so tempting to sleep in on the weekends. Why not? The extra sleep would feel incredible. Unfortunately, disrupted sleep schedules are a minefield for migraines. Try your best to stick to your weekday sleep schedule, even on the weekends.
  • Establish a wind-down routine on Friday nights. Whether this is meditation, a ritual, a hot bath or a few deep breaths, allow your body to relax in a gentle way and acknowledge the routine change.

Note that everyone’s version of a weekend is different. We know not everyone is a 9–5er, and you may not work outside of the home. Apply these principles to your version of a weekend, or any time your routine changes. Migraine prevention thrives on a routine, so be prepared when you know your routine will change.

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