When To See A Doctor For Migraines

All migraine sufferers have been here: when are your migraines “bad” enough to spend the money to see the doctor? The threshold is different for everyone, but here are a few questions to ask yourself.


When Should I See a Doctor for My Migraines?

Is my life disrupted, even a little?

Maybe you’re functional. Maybe you’re going to work, taking care of your kids or pet, or getting housework done. But do you feel like you’re dragging yourself through every task? Do you feel like you’re going to burn out? If everyday tasks are starting to feel difficult, it’s time to see the doctor for other options. You don’t need to suffer.

Are you in pain more often than you’re pain free?

Migraines and their after effects can creep up. Suddenly, you’re either dealing with a migraine or dealing with the effects of migraines (lack of sleep, nausea, etc) all the time. If your days are starting to feel like a constant juggling of pain, symptoms and struggle, you need to see your doctor.

Are you self-medicating?

Are you chugging caffeine, taking handfuls of over-the-counter medication or drinking or smoking pot more frequently? Are you finding your home treatments don’t seem to be doing the trick anymore? If you find yourself struggling to self-medicate effectively or turning to unhealthy habits, you know the drill: see a doctor.

Have your migraines changed?

You may have settled into a routine with your migraine routine and know what to expect when one hits. But if a symptom changes in frequency or severity, or you have an unexpected or new trigger: doctor time.

The bottom line is that even though you may have gotten used to your pain and the side effects of it, you don’t have to needlessly suffer. Having a supportive doctor and treatment plan can make all the difference in your quality of life.

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