25–30% of people with migraines get an aura preceding the pain (if there’s any pain at all). So what’s an aura, and how do they present?

What’s a Migraine Aura?

What’s an aura?

Before the attack

Auras come on suddenly or gradually — there’s no one-size-fits-all. It’s important to determine what type of headache or migraine you experience so you can better understand your symptoms and the progression of attacks. The most common types of migraine that may present with auras are ‘migraine with aura’, ‘migraine with brainstem aura’, hemiplegic migraine and retinal migraine. (See our article here for broader definitions.)

Auras can present in many ways. Some common symptoms include:

Sensory changes: Tingling, zaps or numbness in the face, head, body, arms, hands or fingers. These sensations may move and are sometimes described as traveling from fingertips up towards the head.

Speech or language problems: Inability to find the right word, mumbling, slurred speech.

Emotional changes: Depressed mood or irritability.

Bodily changes: Muscle weakness or overall bodily fatigue.

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