The Migraine Insight Starter Guide – Three Useful Things to Know on Day One

Here’s some tips to to get you started off right.

Migraine Insight provides useful, real-world insights based on what’s tracked. Getting started right is about setting up tracking correctly.

What to Track

The app has automatic tracking and self-tracking.

Automatic tracking: These events are automatically added. This includes location, weather, health (workout) events and sleep. The pattern finder uses these entries to give you results.

Self-tracking: You enter these events yourself.

This app does a lot of automated tracking. The self-tracking can also be a very powerful tool.

With self-tracked items, it’s important to try and track consistently and try to record the trigger most times you encounter it.

The most common self-tracked choices are: Chocolate, coffee, red wine, alcohol (any), milk and cheese.

You can track literally anything. We’ve had people track days they wear eyeglasses or not. Or, different pairs of eyeglasses. People have tracked encounters with a particular friend or coworker. Some people choose to track black tea, green tea, and herbal tea separately.

Some people track just ‘tea’ and don’t separate them into different trackers. Then nice thing is that you can track anything!

How many self-tracked items do you recommend?
We find that about 5–10 ‘self-track’ trackers is a good number to keep up with. Some people find it hard to keep up the daily tracking for more than that. For sure, everyone is different. Set as many trackers as you feel you can keep up with tracking.

The app is designed so that it still works with skipped tracking events. It just can be little less accurate. The app works best when you track a trigger every time you encounter it. If you only track triggers on migraine days, your pattern-finder results will still be useful. It may take longer to get accurate patterns. A lot of users have had success either way — tracking daily or just on migraine days. As a general rule, we encourage people to just track as much as you can. But, don’t stress if you can’t track all the time. It still works!

Auto-tracking & Permissions

Auto-tracking can provide great clues to what’s triggering your migraines.

We encourage all users to turn on permission to access location and health data. App setup will ask you for access. If it doesn’t get set, here’s how to get those settings turned on.

Location: Here’s how to set your location access permissions on iPhone and Android.

Health Data: Here’s how to your health data access permissions on iPhone and Android

The app has lots of automated tracking:

Location — When you are at a location outside of your home for more than 15 minutes, the app adds that location to your log. In your results, we can show you if you have an increase in migraines after a certain location is visited several times. This is one of our most popular features. (Requires location.)

Weather — Checks for rain and snow days. (Requires location.)

Barometric pressure — Checks for big swings in barometric pressure and shows any correlation on your results. (Requires location.)

Workouts — Integrates with health tracking to get this information. (Requires health data access.)

Sleep — Integrates with health tracking to get this information (Requires health data access.)

Pollen — tree, grass and weed pollen coming soon!


Finding Patterns
The results from our pattern finder with location and health data tracking is where curiosity comes into play and a TON of insights are made!

What if you get more migraines after a certain restaurant? Maybe you wonder what you eat there that you don’t eat at other places. Is that blue cheese making you sick?

What if you get more migraines after a the yoga studio where you do inversions? Would stopping or modifying yoga inversions lead to fewer migraines?

We never sell or share data with anyone. Ever. We take data privacy very seriously. If you have any questions, please contact us. We highly encourage you to set permission to access location and health data. Both can lead to great clues to explore. The app does work without this access. But, it works better with both of these turned on.

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What will you learn from tracking your migraines?