The Migraine Insight Data Guide

Privacy is important. We help you make insights while keeping everyone’s privacy firmly in place.

Migraine Insight gives you useful, real-world insights based on what’s tracked. Finding patterns in your data often relies on information gathered from all of us.

Data privacy basics

All health, wellness and medical apps collect and store data.

It’s used to:
  • Directly reflect information back to you (i.e. a note you entered for your own use).
  • Share information with you that a different person made (i.e. a medical test result for you but gathered by a lab technician).
  • Combine anonymous data to create insights (i.e. a list of ‘user favorites’ from a music app).

Our app does all three of these.

We use totals from anonymous data pools to help everyone. This is not your individual data. The total sums that feed into our pattern finding bot don’t allow for anyone’s individual contribution to be recognized. This keeps you – and, everyone who contributes – safe.


Anonymous Data – everyone learns more when information is shared safely. 

Data points are tallied and then used to drive smart insights.

Finding Patterns

The results from our pattern finder with location and health data tracking is where curiosity comes into play and a TON of insights are made!

Weather and barometric pressure—
 We check to see if your episodes are related to the weather. This does not use shared data. For premium users, we can also alert you if your profile and location matches up with more or fewer problems with migraines and headaches overall.

Workouts — We check to see if your episodes are related to your workouts. For premium users, we can also alert you if your type or workouts are more or less of a problem for people like you.

Sleep — We check your sleep information to see if more or less sleep is correlated to your episodes. (For premium, there is no added pattern finding on sleep patterns.)

Place  — This is where a lot of users make unexpected progress! This is the ‘abstract’ connections that often get missed. What if you get more migraines after a certain restaurant? Maybe you wonder what you eat there that you don’t eat at other places. Is that blue cheese making you sick? 

What if you get more migraines after a the yoga studio where you do inversions? Would stopping or modifying yoga inversions lead to fewer migraines?

Concerned about Data? We want your questions.

“As the company founder, who’s also a user of the app, I care deeply about keeping my data – and, the data from all of us – private. We take data privacy very seriously.” – Lynn Smith, Founder of Migraine Insight

We never sell or share data with anyone. Ever. We take data privacy very seriously. If you have any questions, please contact us. [email protected]

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