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Weather and Barometer Tracking

Automatically track weather and barometer events

Barometer / Weather Page

You can see the current pressure as well as today and tomorrow’s barometer forecast on the barometer page.


To get there, use home’s barometer info square
Tap on this.


Your home log tracks significnant barometric pressure changes.

If you have automatic tracking turned on, then when big barometric rises or drops happen, they will appear on your home log.


Coming up

We will be adding other units for pressure (mb, hPa, mmHg) – We currently show pressure in inHg. In future releases, we will add other units including: mbar (mb), hPa, mmHg.

Manual add pressure shifts – We currently only record pressure for your location. We are planning the ability to add pressure at a different location (e.g. if you had your phone off and needed to add an entry to the auto-logging).

We also have additional alerts on our list.

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