apple watch add migraine screen

Coming soon – even easier tracking. Our Apple Watch app will allow you to easily add trigger events to your log as they happen.

Apple Watch – Coming Soon

Track Your Triggers

Tracking triggers when they happen is a critical component of finding the right triggers. The apple watch component of Migraine Insight lets you more easily track in real time.


Apple Watch Add Trigger



Add Migraines

One button press to record a migraine. This makes it really accurate to when the migraine started. You can open the app to add details later. 


apple watch add migraine screen


See Today’s Triggers

Not sure you recorded a trigger? Look through today’s triggers on the Apple Watch app. 



Our Team: We are Here to Help

We are a small, dedicated app development team that wants you to better understand your migraines and triggers. Everyone on the team has lived with migraines at some point in their lives. We are your community, and we’re here to help. Reach out any time with questions. [email protected].

As always — please seek the advice of a doctor for medical questions. Our app team cannot give medical advice.

Track Your Triggers

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