leather bag on desk

Sometimes we can predict when a migraine will hit, but we can’t always predict where we’ll be, or how badly our focus and energy will be affected when it does. Having a migraine help bag ready means we can grab what we need without needing a sharp brain.

Caffeine & Migraines

Trigger or treatment? The answer: both!


  1. Your medications
    As migraine sufferers know, there are a variety of medications and remedies we use depending on the type of attack. In your bag, keep a little of everything: your over-the-counter remedies, samples of your prescription medication, and any natural medication you may be using, like Melatonin for sleeping or ginger for nausea.
  2. An eye mask or dark sunglasses
    If you’re at home, you can grab that eye mask and head for a quiet room. At work or in public may be a different story, so keep a pair of dark sunglasses with you to help with light sensitivity.
  3. A bottle of water
    You don’t know when you might need to swallow pills and sometimes the act of finding a cup and a faucet can feel like too much when you’re in pain. Have your bottle handy.
  4. Earplugs
    Whether you’re at home or away, you can use these to block out sound that can make your migraines worse.
  5. A small pillow and blanket.
    Anything you can easily slip under your head to make you more comfortable, wherever you are.
  6. Tissues
    You never know when your migraine is going to make your entire face start weeping.
  7. Cooling gel sheets
    You can find these on Amazon or drugstores. This sheets, when activated, can offer cooling benefits without the need of a freezer.
  8. Heat packs
    In the same vein, some sufferers find relief from heat. Include a small heating pad, or naturally-activated heat packs for when you need warmth.
  9. A paper bag
    Barfing happens. You might as well be prepared.
  10. Important phone numbers
    When you’re in pain, it can be difficult to remember your own name. Have your loved ones’ and doctors’ information handy, along with dosage information for your medications.