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What will you learn from tracking your migraines?

How it Works

You Track

You track your triggers and any migraines daily. It's simple and quick - no long tracking surveys here!

We Number Crunch

As soon as we have enough data (usually less than 4 weeks) we show you which triggers or trigger combinations rank highest.

You Feel Better

Migraine Insight's results can help you finally know what's causing your pain. Find the trigger, fix the pain!

Print Trigger Logs For Your Doctor

  • My migraines went from once a week to once every six weeks.

    Migraine Insight Beta User
  • An elegant solution for a devastating problem.

    Dr. Milo Pulde, MD., Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Migraine Insight Advisor
  • I've been looking for my triggers for 20 years. I'd like to finally avoid my migraines. That would be a life saver.

    Riva Parthenia, 42 year old migraine sufferer