Migraine app capabilities help reduce or eliminate migraines

Technology advancements in migraine apps have made it possible to effortlessly track and manage migraines.

Additionally, migraine apps make it easy to collect migraine data to share with your doctor so your doctor  can prescribe the right medication to help reduce migraine symptoms.

However, before downloading just any migraine app to your phone, it pays to do a little research.  Understand what information is being tracked and how it will be useful to your doctor to make an evidence based decision to help treat your migraines.

Migraine App

Migraine Insight app development

Our goal with developing the Migraine Insight app was to make it as easy as possible to uncover the causes of headaches and migraines without having to manually input every little detail of your day.

With that being said, we knew that integration would be critical to collecting the best and some of the most critical data based on your daily habits. Therefore, the Migraine Insight app seamlessly integrates with HealthKit, Fitbit and Apple Watch data.

By integrating these apps, signals such as your heart rate, sleep pattern and exercise routine are automatically populated into the MIgraine Insight app.  Additionally, the Migraine Insight app tracks the weather, barometer and your location to provide further insights into what may be causing your migraines.

What do you need to track in the Migraine Insight app?

Migraine Insight has a ton of automated tracking. You could set up the app to do automated trackers and then you just record your migraines. Automated trackers include weather, location, pollen, sleep, workouts and more. With these, it’s ‘set it and forget it’ as the events are automatically entered on your log. 

If you have triggers you’d like to track beyond the automatic ones, the app lets you set anything you want. It could be a particular food, an event like plane flights, different pairs of glasses, your stress level – virtually anything. With custom triggers, you enter them into the app as they happen. We make it incredibly quick and easy.

As you enter your migraine data, our system uses artificial intelligence and real world data to compare your habits with the habits of other Migraine Insight users to help identify what may be causing your migraines.

How long does it take to start seeing results from our migraine tracking app?

The Migraine Insight migraine monitor first needs to collect data. Then use that data to find patterns and help you uncover what is triggering your migraines so you can make changes to your lifestyle habits.

Below is a timeline of what you can expect from using the Migraine Insight app:

It’s also important to note that 85% of Migraine Insight app users report a reduction in the number and severity of their migraines or eliminate the migraines all together within 8 to 12 weeks!

Does identifying triggers lead to better migraine outcomes?

Many studies show that reducing exposure to triggers improves outcomes for people living with migraines.

Identifying triggers is recommended in standard medical practice. For example, the AAN’s Headache Quality Measurement Standing Work Group recommends the practice (e.g. p14).

“The ultimate outcome when treating headache and migraine is to reduce the frequency of headache. Working with the patient to identify potential migraine triggers and counseling them on lifestyle factors they can change can help reduce the severity and number of migraines. Reduction of headaches is associated with improved health-related quality of life.”

By identifying triggers, people can choose, with the oversight of their headache specialists, to avoid those triggers.

Migraine Insight app gives you your life back

Our award-winning mobile app is backed by science and helps you find triggers, best med combos, and work better with your care team. 

Over 85% of our users have reduced migraines, and we’ve helped thousands of people eliminate them altogether. 

Migraine Insight – find triggers for more migraine-free days.

Our Team: We are Here to Help

It’s hard to find your triggers. It’s hard to find the right medication combination that really helps you get better. We want to help. We are a small, dedicated app development team with an app that helps you better understand your migraines and triggers. Everyone on the team has lived with migraines at some point in their lives. We are your community. Reach out any time with questions. We love questions. [email protected].

Track Your Triggers

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