Migraines, Solved.

We’ve helped thousands of people eliminate or reduce migraines.

Migraine Insight uses a unique evidence-based system to help you get your migraines under control.

"Advanced headache clinics help people find their real triggers. And, find best medication combos.It's about careful tracking and finding the right plan for the specific person.This app does that - for everyone."
Dr. Milo Pulde

With loads of automated tracking, we help people find triggers and best medication combos faster.

Migraine Insight is an automated trigger-tracking beast that eats migraines for lunch.

Ever wonder which medication is most effective for you?
Search our anonymous data and find out.

12 Migraine Elimination Challenge
Remove triggers & reintroduce after two weeks. Track it all in the app.

Finally know what’s causing your pain.

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